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I seem to have a new interest. I keep gathering up communications receivers. It was not something I planned, but rather seem to have achieved. I have added to the shack every now and again, if I see a good price for a second hand unit. I don't tend to part with any of them, so accusations of being a hoarder may well be justified. You can see in the above images the following classic sets, listed here in order of purchase.

GRUNDIG SATELLIT 3400, TRIO 9R59, TRIO 9R59DS, RACAL RA17, NRD515, LOWE HF225 EUROPA, NRD 545, AOR 7030, SONY ICF 2001D. Now there is also a PERSEUS SDR receiver taking pride of place beside the PC.

I also have a SONY DUAL INPUT FM TUNER MODEL NUMBER SB-920, (FM DXING), just seen above the DXTV, an old Pye model X12T, a very selective little set.

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