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Bray Local Broadcasting
Bray, County Wicklow
828kHz 657kHz - 100.3MHz 97.8MHz



'How to Interview' Leaflet (425k pdf)

In the early 1980's Bray Local Broadcasting produced an information leaflet in order to help the interview techniques of its many voluntary staff. Many thanks to Chris for supplying us with a copy.This leaflet has the address of Strand Road, and so must have been produced when the station had moved from Prince of Wales Terrace to its seafront location.

Station Information Leaflet (454k pdf)

This was a leaflet produced sometime during the later 1980's when the station was on its later FM frequency of 97.8MHz. It gave a brief explanation of what BLB was all about and the reason it was on the air.

Bray Local Broadcasting began broadcasting during 1979. It was one of the early true community orientated radio stations, having participants from throughout the local community, rather than just aiming at the pop music audience. The station broadcast throughout the 1980's until legislation forced it to close at the end of 1988, which meant it was one of the longest running stations at the time.

It is not sure of the exact frequency that station broadcast on in those early days, but reports from Norwegian DX-ers suggest it was heard on 822kHz and 837kHz. By 1981, the station had settled on 828kHz which was an officially recognised low power channel allocated to the Irish Republic. The transmitter at this time was around 250 watts in power and could be heard clearly in Bray and the surrounding area. They also operated a low power FM outlet which in August 1981 was on 100.3MHz and covered the town.

In September of that year, Radio Nova in Dublin put on a massive 10kW transmitter on the adjacent 846kHz. BLB were forced to move frequencies, and ended up further down the band on 657kHz. Although this still covered Bray well, it was on the same frequency as a station in Wales, resulting in some interference on BLB's signal in some areas, and it became impossible to listen on the West Coast of England.

The FM signal was improved greatly during the mid 1980's, and in its latter days, probably most listeners tuned to the better quality FM sound on 97.8MHz.


A BLB 'With Compliments' slip from when the station was located on Prince of Wales Terrace.


A BLB advertisement taken from 'Phoenix' magazine of 20th June 1986

Sched from Summer 1986