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Radio Enoch came on the air in early 1979 and immediately ruffled feathers in the U.K. free radio world, not to mention the authorities.   Radio Enoch broadcast on medium wave to the Midlands around Leamington Spa as well as on shortwave to Europe.  Nothing like it had appeared in recent years and operators of free radio stations began to worry that it would attract the DTI to them.  Initially, Radio Enoch had a mailing address in Co Durham, but this only lasted a short time, as the authorities soon made a visit. and the address ceased. Despite the setback further broadcasts were made, normally every two weeks, this time without an address.      A high power SSB transmission was made one week, but many listeners could only receive AM, so they reverted back to this mode. As the Home Office got close, transmissions were made as far apart as Norfolk, Central London and the Midlands.  In one case the station operated from a moving vehicle to avoid detection.  The shortwave aerial on this occasion was a base loaded whip, and the transmission was heard some 200 miles away.   Radio Enoch suffered interference at times from other free radio stations who disagreed with their views, but eventually the station closed down  when the Conservatives won the election during the Summer of 1979.   After several months though they were reported to have re-appear briefly,   The station was never thought to have been raided whilst on the air.  No transmissions from Radio Enoch are known to have been logged since 1980.



This recording features a sign-off from the station's shortwave outlet on 6250kHz.  The exact date was not recorded, but was believed to be in the early Summer of 1979.  Following this particular broadcast, Radio Zenith came on the air with a short broadcast to say what he thought of Radio Enoch.  (The quality was not good enough to include here) (File size = 206k)


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