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Below is a page for listings of former common heard transmitters that have now closed down. Some are gone for good, and the towers demolished, others may be mothballed.

In the 1970's and 80's, who would believe that channels such as 1179, and 927 would fall silent of the major transmission on the frequency. But time is passing, whether we like it or not. If you can remember the 70's mw band and early 1980's when there was a sudden burst of UK ILR and BBC activity, you are of a certain vintage. Where does the list stop?? It doesn't, but we are not going back as far as 2LO and 5SC etc..LOL..

Being a selfish mw dxer, I will not miss the Euro powerhouses one little bit. It is quite unique being a witness to this demise of the very high power Euro stations, which clogged the band for decades. Where does it end? Will we ever have clear frequencies again?? Although many high power Euros are closing, there seems to be a trend for someone somewhere to jump on a clear channel whenever one becomes available.

A few years ago, 1476 and 1593 were the last clear channels, and by clear, I mean very very clear. They were used by hobby pirates to an extent. 1395 was clear on and off, when BIG L was off air, but in winter 2011/2012 a strong Russian started using the frequency, and blew the last remaining channel. Spain began the use of 1386 and 1476 in the North of the country. As a result, signals are powering in here in Scotland. A new French station was using 1593, though not completely blocking the channel with white noise like the German jammer. (Update in July 2013, The French station on 1593 thankfully never returned, though a German low powered station has appeared, and Spain have left 1386 and 1476)

227m - The old 227m band used to consist of the area of the band from 1287ish through to 1341ish, or 1286 to 1340 as it would have been pre November 1978. This area of the band used to be a hive of Dutch MW activity from the late 1970's till the band became useless due to ILR crud from the UK, 24 hour NRK etc etc. But in those days of the clear channels, they all cleared one by one at local closedown.

I often wonder what dx would have been heard on these channels back then with the long beverages I have now and the receivers I have. Especially on weeknights when there were no (or at least very few) Dutchies. Another area that was clear all those years ago was around 250m, when the BBC had gone off and the channels LF were also clear.

Lets also recall the MW transmitters that went off air at the end of 1988 when Ireland closed down the pirate stations. One can look on the dx archive area of this site for Irish lists from the past. One can look through this page listings_index.html, or even the all time list here listings_ireland_all.html.

Let us not forget either, the frequencies associated with offshore stations Caroline 963, 576, 558, 819, Laser 558, 576, Delmare 1611, 1566, Mi Amigo 1100, 1098, 963, Moneik 963, etc etc.

Recent closures, since 2007, are often recorded in a Perseus file, which must be assumed to be historical by the very nature of that wideband recording. We never had the technology to record the band before 2007, but I have for example RTE closing MW, but continuing on 252 as one of the early Perseus recordings. I really must ensure this is backed up on spare drives.

Of other closures, I may have the final sign offs, but one or two I deleted by mistake, eg Radio Sweden, though the likes of Radio Sweden has plenty presence in old Perseus files in general.

Yes there are recordings taken from MW no doubt of the various stations, but a wideband Perseus file shows the characteristics of the transmitters, strength, splatter, audio quality etc. Like a real time machine that goes back and tunes the receiver in 2007!!

Anyhow, let's make a list of the stations I can think of, many that were once powerhouses, or at least heard widely. Some have been off air for years. Many I have QSLs from for reports sent about 30 years ago!!



177 Russia - Radio Rossi Jan 2014


531 Switzerland

540 Belgium

567 Ireland - RTE 1 (closed 31st March 2008)

576 German stn (closed 8th Jan 2012 with // 666 & 1017)

594 Hessischer Rundfunk (German) closed 31/12/09

612 Ireland - RTE 2 closed 12/4/04 (to be verified)

630 Norway /NRK (30th June 2011)


666 German stn // 576 & 1017 (closed 8th Jan 2012)

675 Norway /NRK (Dec 2012)

702 GERMANY NDR closing 13th Jan 2015 (702, 792, 828, 972)

729 Ireland - RTE 1 Cork (closed 31st March 2008)

747 NL // 1251 close / for sale September 2015

765 Switzerland - Sottens (Closed 31st December 2010)

792 FRANCE 300kw Limoges off summer 2014 (945, 837, 792)

792 GERMANY NDR closing 13th Jan 2015 (702, 792, 828, 972)

819 Sud Radio Toulouse FRANCE / ex 900kw ANDORRA

828 NL - RADIO 10 GOLD closed 2013?

828 GERMANY NDR closing 13th Jan 2015 (702, 792, 828, 972)

837 FRANCE (NANCY 200kw) off summer 2014 (945, 837, 792)

846 RAI Italy

873 AFN Europe

927 Belgium (31/12/11)

936 Radio Bremen (March 2010)

936 FRESH Yorkshire local station

945 FRANCE TOULOUSE 300kw off summer 2014 (945, 837, 792)

963 Finland was off and back with Chinese relays. Status uncertain.

972 GERMANY NDR closing 13th Jan 2015

990 Old RIAS Berlin channel closed 4th September 2013

1017 German stn (closed 8th Jan 2012 with // 666 & 576)

1026 Austrian ORF (Been closed for years)

1062 Denmark, although use of AM / LW from DR keeps changing

1134 Croatia (End Dec 2013) (They were at one stage talking of DRM on 1134. Thankfully it never happened!)

1179 Radio Sweden (October 31st 2010)

1188 Belgium

1197 VOA Munich

1251 NL // 747 close / for sale September 2015

1278 RTE 2 Dublin closed 15/12/03 (Date to be verified)

1278 France Bleu reported to be going qrt on 1st June 2015

1287 Czechoslovakia / Radio Prague (been closed for years)

1296 BBC World Service / VOA (Though tests in July 2013 show the tx isn't dismantled)

1314 Norway (Radio Netherlands was the last to use this txer)

1323 Radio Moscow relay in former DDR

1350 Radio Orient, France Closed Oct 2013

1386 Kalliningrad / Radio Moscow

1386 Spanish / Basque txer, removed 2013

1395 BIG L / Dutch stn

1413 936 FRESH Yorkshire local station

1476 Austria / ORF (Closed 31st December 2008)

1476 Spanish / Basque txer, removed 2013

1512 Belgium / BRT

1521 ILR Crawley, England now gone

1539 ERF German Religious powerhouse closed 0900 31/12/11

1566 Switzerland

1575 German DRM Jamming station

1593 German DRM jamming station went off air 2300 31/12/11

1602 Radio Vitoria Spain, closed early 2013




Iceland - Thunder 1530, not strictly TADX, but used to come in with TADX in the mornings

Greenland - All transmitters off air, though at least some being reactivated end of 2014 onwards

570, 650, 720, 900, 810


540 CBGA1 French CBC off air Dec 2014 (Often dominant in Europe)

550 CHLN

560 CHVO/ KIXX 103.9 (Dominant on the freq at one time in Europe)

610 CHNC 31/10/10 (Dominant on the freq at one time in Europe)

630 CFCY

780 CFDR (Dominant on the freq at one time in Europe)

920 CJCH (Dominant on the freq at one time in Europe)

950 CHER (Dominant on the freq at one time in Europe)

960 CHNS (Dominant on the freq at one time in Europe)

960 CFFX (Dominant on the freq at one time in Europe, after CHNS closed)

980 CKRU

1070 CBA/ CBC (Dominant on the freq at one time in Europe)

1150 CHGM

1320 CKEC (Dominant on the freq at one time in Europe)

1380 CKLC

1550 CBC (Dominant on the freq at one time in Europe)




At this moment I am not at all sure which countries really are still left on air for English listeners, or on air at all for that matter.

Does anyone else want to make a start at updating the list??

ANDORRA - Radio Andorra

BULGARIA - Radio Sofia / Radio Bulgaria 31/01/12

CANADA - RCI closed all SW services June 26th 2012 (ref - Wiki)

CZECH REPUBLIC - RADIO PRAGUE (Closed Jan 31st 2011, ref - wiki)

DDR - Radio Berlin Int (Closed in 1992)

DENMARK - Radio Denmark

FINLAND - Radio Finland

HOLLAND - Radio Nederland

NORWAY - Radio Norway

SWEDEN - Radio Sweden 31/10/10

SWITZERLAND - Swiss Broadcasting Corporation / Swiss Radio Int