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An early Radio Jackie North sticker bearing many similarities to the ones from
Radio Jackie London.

RADIO JACKIE NORTH - 217m (1394/1395kHz, 1404kHz or 1413kHz) - 287m (1017kHz) - 317m (963kHz or 976kHz)

     Radio Jackie North commenced broadcasting on Boxing Day 1976. It was set up by the late Eric Haydock (using the name Rick Dane on the air), who had been operating Radio Free Liverpool on 217m since 1969. Unlike Radio Free Liverpool however, which played a variety of pop music, Radio Jackie North was started in order to fill the gap in rock music radio, which was virtually non-existent in Britain at that time. Initially, Radio Jackie North operated on a Sunday afternoon, but eventually extended to both Saturday and Sunday broadcasts.  As well as extended hours, transmissions migrated from mobile low power systems in fields, to larger 100 watt transmitters from tower blocks, which also meant live broadcasts became possible.  During a period around Easter in early 1979 they could even be heard 7 days per week, being possibly the very first landbased free radio station to attempt this. The badge below was produced at that time, and announces 'everyday'. At this time, and thereafter, with higher power and superior aerials, the signal could be heard over much of North West England on 217m, 1395kHz.  By 1983 the station was operating on two channels, 217m (normally 1395kHz) and 317m (normally 963kHz).

Rick had announced several times over the years that the station was closing due to problems from the authorities and lack of help.  However he always managed to return, and operated almost every weekend for over 6 years, broadcasting rock music to the North West of England until the late summer of 1983.

Sadly, Eric passed away in tragic circumstances on 16th November 2002. A number of tribute broadcasts to Eric and Radio Jackie North have aired in the years since his passing. Many of these tribute programmes can be listen to at


1977_00_00_sun_jackienorth_217m-1394am_rickdane.mp3 Originally received from Rick Dane by Gary in the late 90s. Here he mentions the station is now broadcasting from 12 or 1pm every Sunday
1977_00_00_sun_jackienorth_217m-1394am_rickdane_airchecks-js.mp3 Thanks to Jeff Stuart for allowing us to use these airchecks he recorded in Cheshire in 1977. The recording mentions going off early the week before, and shows the tape changeover in those days.  Not sure of the exact date.
1977_12_11_sun_jackienorth_217m-1394am_rickdane-rd.mp3 This recording was actually from a Radio Atlantis 936kHz Free Radio Show broadcast sometime in 1987. On this one, Rick Dane played some old recordings of Radio Jackie North. Rick mentions on this 1977 show they had gone off the air early the previous Sunday. Thanks to Rodger Dee for this one

1979_03_26_mon_jackienorth_217m-1395am_1410-1600_rickdane-gh920.mp3 Recorded near Blackpool during the weeks when Radio Jackie North operated 7 days per week and also live rather than from tapes. Here is almost two hours of Rick Dane up to 4pm. Sadly this was done without additional loop aerials, hence a lot of local electrical interference, but shows what the signal was like at that distance now they were operating from tower blocks instead of fields.
1979_03_30_fri_jackienorth_217m-1395am_1508-1615_rickdane_waits_for_paullinton_power_cuts_off-gh920.mp3 Again received near Blackpool with no additional aerials. On this recording, Rick Dane is waiting for Paul Linton to return to the studio at 4pm. He does not, so Rick carries on, and then around 4:15pm, the money in the meter runs out during the 'Baba O'Riley' Who track. After a few seconds of dead air, the transmitter cuts back on and Rick apologies for the break.

Below is an article containing some early history about Radio Jackie North, from Issue 1 of The New Newswave Magazine which was produced in mid 1979 from The South Coast Radio Movement.
(Click on image for an expanded view)

A QSL received by Ken, who was hearing Jackie North quite well on 1395kHz in Scotland during the Summer of 1979.

1979_04_22_sun_jackienorth_1395am-217m_rickdane-kb.mp3 A tape received by Ken following his reception report in June 1979. The recording seems to be from just after the station was raided when it had been operating a 7 day schedule. They were back to Sunday only broadcasts at this point, and Rick Dane was being helped by Dick Barton and Paul Linton on the broadcasts.


1979_09_16_sun_jackienorth_217m_1423-1525_dickbarton_rickdane-gh190.mp3 Gary drove across from Leeds to have listen to the station, and this was recorded on the move in a car on M62 from 217m.
1979_09_16_sun_jackienorth_217m_1525-1600signoff_rickdane-gh190.mp3 Recorded at Burtonwood Services on M62.


Listening to a broadcast in September 1979, Gary heard on the air that the station was going to close down, and subsequently wrote a letter to Rick Dane. Here is the reply he received a week later, in which Rick talked about a court case on 14th September where a member of the station was fined 200 and given a 6 month suspended sentence..

1979_09_29_sat_jackienorth_1404am_1515-1645_rickdane-gh207.mp3 Another recording made by Gary, this time on a Saturday, whilst travelling on M62, and then parked up at Burtonwood services.
1979_09_29_sat_jackienorth_1404am_rickdane_with_signoff-gh207.mp3 The end of the above recording with the station sign off, recorded on the move on M62 near Burtonwood Services.


A Radio Jackie North sticker received along with the letter to Gary in September 1979.

1979_11_00_sun_jackienorth_217m_1445-1515_dickbarton_rickdane-EM163.mp3 Recording kindly supplied by Eric Monaghan.
1979_11_18_sun_jackienorth_217m_1610-1630_rickdane-gh195.mp3 A shorter recording made by Gary, again whilst at Burtonwood, and with a bit of foreign interference. RJN now had competition from MAR who had just moved an hour earlier from 1197kHz/259m to 266m/1125am, although the two stations had different music formats. A longer studio version of this programme can be listened to at MERSEYPIRATES.COM


A clipping from Soundwaves Magazine Issue 6, December 1979 reporting on a court case involving Rick Dane.


1979_12_01_sat_jackienorth_1413am-217m_1530-1600_rickdane_to closedown-EM268.mp3 Sign off on Saturday at 5pm. Rick mentions about Dick Barton leaving the station. Audio is a bit distorted on this one. The transmitter can be heard switching off with the German station coming through afterwards.
1979_12_08_sat_jackienorth_217m_1413am_1100-1235_rickdane-gh200.mp3 A Saturday morning 11am sign-on from Rick Dane recorded whilst driving through Liverpool.
1979_12_08_sat_jackienorth_217m_1413am_1235-1320_rickdane-gh200.mp3 Recorded in Liverpool.


On Boxing Day 1979, Rick Dane was on the air at 1100 with a 3rd Birthday broadcast for Radio Jackie North. There seemed to be some confusion as to the length of the broadcast. Initially Rick mentions 3 hours, but he later announced 11am to 5pm. Rick did the whole broadcast on his own, as Dick Barton had left the station earlier in the month. Rick gave a potted history of the station at times throughout the broadcast. Thanks go to Eric Monaghan for the use of his recordings of the first 4 hours of this broadcast.


1979_12_26_wed_jackienorth_1413am-217m_1100-1130_rickdane_3rd_birthday-EM66.mp3 Sign on at 11am with Rick Dane.
1979_12_26_wed_jackienorth_1413am-217m_1130-1200_rickdane_3rd_birthday-EM66.mp3 At the end of the first hour, Rick wishes MAR a happy Christmas and names some of their deejays.
1979_12_26_wed_jackienorth_1413am-217m_1202-1304_rickdane_3rd_birthday-EM204.mp3 Rick starts giving a history of the station beginning with 1977.
1979_12_26_wed_jackienorth_1413am-217m_1402-1432_rickdane_3rd_birthday-EM28.mp3 In this section, Rick talks briefly about the raids of 1977 and 1978 and the resulting court cases.
1979_12_26_wed_jackienorth_1413am-217m_1432-1501_rickdane_3rd_birthday-EM28.mp3 The station history reaches 1979, but we do not have the final part of the broadcast.


A clipping from Soundwaves Magazine Issue 7, February 1980 reporting a new mailing address for Radio Jackie North.


There was a large and interesting article in the Liverpool Echo from Tuesday 1st April 1980 about pirate radio on Merseyside.
Both MAR and Radio Jackie North were featured.

1980_10_25_sat_jackienorth_1413am-217m_1058-1120_signon_with_rickdane-gh283.mp3 Following some test music, Rick Dane signs on Saturday 25th October 1980. Recorded on the move in a car through Liverpool from 1413kHz.  This was the day of MAR's first birthday and ironically they were off the air until 3pm.
1980_10_25_sat_jackienorth_1413am-217m_1128-1140_rickdane-gh283.mp3 Recorded in Liverpool.
1980_10_25_sat_jackienorth_1413am-217m_1145-1148_rickdane-gh283.mp3 Recorded in Liverpool.
1980_10_25_sat_jackienorth_1413am-217m_1300-1345_rickdane-gh283.mp3 Recorded in Liverpool.


A clipping from Soundwaves Magazine Issue 11, October / November 1980 reporting yet another new mailing address for Radio Jackie North and mentioning Andy Davis hs now joined the station. Andy had previously been on MAR.


Soundwaves Magazine Issue 12, December 1980 reported the station was on 1413kHz. This would have been the move to its winter frequency in order to avoid late afternoon interference from Radio Tirana.


A clipping from Soundwaves Magazine Issue 13, February 1981 with a mention of missing birthday shows.


The final issue of Soundwaves Magazine, number 14 from May 1981 contained the following report. Radio Jackie North did continue however, for another two years in fact.


1981_04_05_sun_jackienorth_1404am_217m_1600-1645_andydavis-EM244.mp3 These off air recordings of an entire Andy Davis show were kindly sent to us by Eric Monaghan.
1981_04_05_sun_jackienorth_1404am_217m_1647-1735_andydavis-EM244.mp3 The 2nd part of the above Andy Davis Show
1981_04_05_sun_jackienorth_1404am_217m_1740-1825_andydavis-EM244.mp3 The 3rd part of the above Andy Davis Show
1981_04_05_sun_jackienorth_1404am_217m_1830-1900signoff_andydavis-EM244.mp3 The final part of the above Andy Davis Show, along with station closedown at 7pm.
1981_06_21_sun_jackienorth_1395am_1715-1815_andydavis-gh324.mp3 Andy Davis was still on the station in June, but by August 1981 he was heard on Station J1000. RJN was also back to its regular summer 1395kHz frequency by this time.
1981_07_11_sat_jackienorth_1395am_1100-1330_signon_rickdane-gh334.mp3 By July, Rick seemed to be back to operating on his own, with shorter hours.
1981_11_00_jackienorth_1395am_217m_1800-1910_davewatts_rickdane-EM7.mp3 A show from a new deejay Dave Watts.


1982_01_16_sat_jackienorth_1395am_1600-1700signoff_rickdane-rd.mp3 Rick gives some information out about why the station had been off the air for 5 weeks, missing their 5th birthday on Boxing Day. He was also having some problems in the studio with fuses blowing. He signed off in the dark, having to use a torch, and saying he was putting one of the Dave Watts programme tapes on, which hadn't been aired for a number of weeks. Luckily the transmitter and decks were still working, despite the lack of lights.
1982_02_06_sat_jackienorth_1404am-217m_1545-1617_rickdane-gh387.mp3 Recorded in Liverpool from 1404kHz.
1982_02_06_sat_jackienorth_1404am-217m_1645-1700_rickdane_to_sign_off-gh387.mp3 Rick Dane with the sign off at 5pm. Recorded in Liverpool.
1982_04_25_sun_jackienorth_1395am_1200-1324_rickdane-gh409.mp3 Recorded near Blackpool from 1395kHz.
1982_09_19_sun_jackienorth_287m_1017am_1400-1420_rickdane_stevewest-gh933.mp3 Rick Dane hands over to Steve West on this transmission which was on two frequencies in parallel, 1395kHz/217m and the unusual channel of 1017kHz/287m.  Recorded near Blackpool from 1017kHz.
1982_09_19_sun_jackienorth_287m_1017am_1440-1525_stevewest_rickdane-gh933.mp3 The end of the Steve West show, followed by Rick Dane. Recorded near Blackpool from 1017kHz. 


1983_06_19_sun_jackienorth_963am_1335-1515_rickdane_stevewest-gh468.mp3 Recorded near Blackpool from 963kHz, announced as 317m. The signal from RJN in Blackpool was much better on 963kHz than 1395kHz, 217m.
1983_06_19_sun_jackienorth_963am_1515-1630_stevewest_to_signoff_on_1395-gh468.mp3 A continuation of the above recording from 963kHz. Then aerial problems cause 963kHz to go off. The recording tunes to 1395kHz up to Steve West signing off at 1630.
1983_06_19_sun_jackienorth_963am_1700-1810_rickdane_signon-gh468.mp3 After about half an hour, Rick Dane signs the station back on 963kHz only. Recorded near Blackpool.  The interference may be from an RTE station in the West of Ireland


Radio Jackie North had made a 'final broadcast' during April 1983, but had then been on and off the air during the Summer, on 963kHz/317m in addition to the normal 1395kHz/217m.
The arrival of Radio Caroline from the Ross Revenge on 963kHz during August, caused Rick Dane to look for another frequency. On the recording below, he was announcing the frequency as 976.5kHz, and should there be a good response, they would obtain a crystal for the 'on channel' 981kHz.


1983_09_24_sun_jackienorth_976am_rickdane.mp3 Recorded near Blackpool.  This is the last recording of Radio Jackie North we have in our collection.


Radio Jackie North were last reported with regular transmissions in Tim Jackson's Merseyside Report in late September 1983. There were reports of single test broadcasts in December 1983 and early 1984, but nothing came of these. Rick hadn't given up on free radio though, and in early 1984 was involved with Radio Atlantis on 1242kHz, 936kHz and FM.  He then joined up with John Dwyer in a 'new' incarnation of Merseyland Alternative Radio on 819kHz in late 1984. This didn't last very long, and in October 1985 was in Ballina, in Ireland's County Mayo, setting up a station with John Dwyer.  He was soon back in Liverpool and joined up with Steven Bishop to bring back Radio Atlantis in May 1987, on 936kHz. This took his time up for next few years until the early 1990's when the station disappeared. In the early 2000's Rick Dane started hosting shows on a new incarnation of Merseyland Alternative Radio on FM, but sadly passed away on 16th November 2002.  Several tribute broadcasts were aired on FM in subsequent years and recordings of some of these can be heard on Merseypirates. In November 2010 another tribute was aired, this time on the old Radio Jackie North wavelength of 217m. Some of the shows recorded from 217m / 1386kHz near Blackpool can be heard in the files below, and a recording of the entire weekend output from the 2010 RJN Tribute web stream can be listened to here.


2010_11_14_sun_rjn_tribute_217m-1386am_1055-1130_ericmonaghan-gh.mp3 Recorded near Blackpool from 1386kHz
2010_11_14_sun_rjn_tribute_217m-1386am_1130-1350_davesimpson_rickdane-gh.mp3 Recorded near Blackpool from 1386kHz.
2010_11_14_sun_rjn_tribute_217m-1386am_1350-1610_tonyhayes_johnfreeman-gh.mp3 Recorded near Blackpool from 1386kHz.