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Radio Kaleidoscope (177k)

One of the most innovative Pirates to broadcast in Britain, Kaleidoscope followed a strict format which was popular on American Top 40 stations of the time.They originally began in Essex in 1970, but it wasn't until early '73 when operations were transferred to South London that the station became a force to be reckoned with. Even the well established Radio Jackie was left behind, indeed most of Jackie's best known presenters left to join "Big K". Transmissions took place every Sunday from 10 am on 1133 khz, announced as 266 metres. The station broadcast mobile from various sights around South London with programmes being recorded earlier in the week. The station suffered almost weekly raids by the then GPO, but on many occassions staff were able to flee the sight with all the equipment. An FM service was also broadcast on 94.4 mhz on Thurday nights as part of the London transmitter of Independant Radio. Kaleidoscope continued weekly transmissions until February 22nd 1976 when at 1300 Pat Edison closed the station down. It is a fitting tribute that most of the Big K staff went on to work on the new ILR stations around the country. The aircheck on line features the station in its heyday signing on at 1000 hrs on Sunday December 29th 1974.


A full detailed history of Radio Kaleidoscope compiled by Pat Edison can be found at



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