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1980 - 1981 - 1982 - 1983 - 1984 - 1985 - 1986 - 1987 - 1988

This station began life in September 1980 on AM only, 531kHz. Broadcasts were made from the Sands Hotel, a beautiful picturesque location right on the sea front in Portmarnock, just North of Dublin. By 1986, Sunshine was given a complete make over by American format specialist Bill Cunningham, and transformed from a community station for Portmarnock almost, into Dublin's number one.

Sunshine closed along with the bulk of the stations in Ireland at the end of 1988. In Scotland we could hear all the channels used. In 1988 Sunshine and rival Q102 hogged no less than 6 frequencies each!! Sunshine used 531 and 846 MW, and no less than 4 FM frequencies around 101 area!!

Many of the old favourite offshore djs were still with the station in the early days. The initial broadcasts included Robbie Dale (owner), Tony Allan, Chris Cary, Peter Madison, Declan Meehan, and M'nom Christie. Later you could hear Stevie Gordon (who broadcast in Ireland as Stevie Dunn), Tom Hardy, Daffy Don Allan, Johnnie Lewis, Tony Dixon, Tony Fenton etc. Newsreader Adrian Hoorsman who features regularly, eventually went on to work on the fitting out of the Ross Revenge in Spain. For whatever reason, he never made it to the air on Caroline though. Many more now well known names passed through the doors of Sunshine Radio.

During Spring 1981, there were rumours that Sunshine was going to change it's name to Radio Caroline on Easter Sunday. There were no surprises when nothing happened!!!! But there are recordings here made on Good Friday and Easter Saturday, just incase!!

Below includes a selection of Sunshine Radio recordings, from the station's early days. Many of these recordings were made in Scotland from 531kHz, hence some occasional interference from television sets operating nearby. 531 is one of the frequencies which is susceptible to TVI, ie interference from the timebase of neighbouring television sets. (multiples of 15.625kHz, of which 531.25 is a harmonic). When many of the recordings were made, winter was approaching, and continental interference was also a combining factor. There are some other recordings from the very early days of the station, but after listening to them again, many suffer excessive interference. A reasonable selection of recordings however have been unearthed from the archives.

All that said the recordings are perfectly acceptable to someone familiar with good old AM radio as background entertainment. Most of the recordings are typically made on an average weekday, and are a great insight into Sunshine Radio's daily programming from 1980/81/82.

NB: These recordings are not of the same audio quality as the Radio Nova 1984 archives. By 1984 better recording equipment was available, and Nova was running 50kW.

Below are also some files taken from reels made in 1988 mainly. These were recorded in Scotland and can suffer from slight TVI and AM noise. Generally they are of very good listenable quality. The files are unique in the fact that they have never been made public in the past and have only recently been transferred to MP3 files. They are transferred from the master triple play reel, and done so in one large chunk. Therefore the finished file in some cases will be around six and a half hours long.



1980_09_29_sunshine_531_test_1st_morn_(999_gh).mp3 New Feb 2016 gh 46,638k
1980_09_29_sunshine_531_test_(999_gh).mp3 New Feb 2016 gh 96,873k
1980_10_16_thu_sunshine_531am_1206_madison_c90_120_kb.mp3 New DEC 2020 20M
1980_10_18_sat_sunshine_531am_1547_tony_allan_c90_122_kb.mp3 New DEC 2020 20M
1980_10_18_sat_sunshine_531am_0930_jason_mayne_c90_121_kb.mp3 New DEC 2020 43M
1980_10_18_sat_sunshine_531am_1501_tony_allan_c90_121_kb.mp3 New DEC 2020 43M
1980_10_18_sat_sunshine_531am_1647_tony_allan_c90_122_kb.mp3 New DEC 2020 17M
1980_10_19_sun_sunshine_531am_0953_jason_mayne_c90_122_kb.mp3 New DEC 2020 12M
1980_10_19_sun_sunshine_531am_1013_jason_mayne_c90_122_kb.mp3 New DEC 2020 27M
1980_10_19_sun_sunshine_531am_1442_madison_allan_c90_125_kb.mp3 New DEC 2020 43M
801110_sunshine_539_1258_1313_peter_madison.mp3 10,320k
801110_sunshine_539_1313_1513_peter_madison_chris_cary.mp3 78,955k
801110_sunshine_539_1518_chris_cary.mp3 13,832k
801111_sunshine_539_0843_robbie_dale_tony_allan.mp3 24,452k
801111_sunshine_539_1119_tony_allan.mp3 26,629k
801114_sunshine_539_0924_tony_allan.mp3 28,187k
801114_sunshine_539_1030_tony_allan.mp3 28,431k
801118_sunshine_539_0911_tony_allan.mp3 7,947k
801118_sunshine_539_1004_tony_allan.mp3 30,114k
801121_sunshine_539_1148_minom_christie_peter_madison.mp3 54,798k
801122_sunshine_539_0934_chris_cary.mp3 21,927k
801128_sunshine_539_1115_tony_allan.mp3 28,962k
801128_sunshine_539_1218_tony_allan.mp3 7,861k


810124_sunshine_531_1000-1045_stevie_dunn_sat.mp3 34,208k
810124_sunshine_531_1235-1310_survey_with_peter_madison.mp3 34,946k
810129_sunshine_531_1400-1530_stevie_dunn.mp3 63,001k
1981_02_00_tue_sunshine_531am_0420-0530_jimkenny-gh863.mp3 New Apr 2021 An early morning show from Jim Kenny as received near Blackpool on 531kHz. Foreign interference is heavy near the end of the recording. Date is estimated to be during February 1981. 65MB
810212_sunshine_531_1320-1450_decklan_meehan_stevie_dunn.mp3 65,589k
810219_sunshine_531_1240_deckie.mp3 41,227k
810219_sunshine_531_1354_stevie_dunn_at_2.mp3 42,521k
810221_sunshine_531_1225_tom_hardy_sunshine_survey.mp3 67,970k
810313_sunshine_531_0917_robbie_dale.mp3 30,754k
810317_sunshine_531_1408_tony_fenton.mp3 32,871k
810417_sunshine_531_1750_tony_fenton_good_friday.mp3 31,426k
810418_sunshine_531_0925_robbie_dale.mp3 33,015k
810418_sunshine_531_1025_robbie_dale.mp3 33,130k
810418_sunshine_531_1130_robbie_dale_tom_hardy.mp3 32,860k
1981_04_20_mon_sunshine_531am_0625-0712_tomhardy-gh683.mp3 New Apr 2021 Tom Hardy on a Monday morning Bank Holiday breakfast show. Recorded near Blackpool from 531kHz with some background crackles. 44MB
810523_sunshine_531_2016_tony_dixon_sign_off.mp3 31,153k
810524_sunshine_531_0633-0718_jim_kenny_c90_285_kb.mp3 (kb) 25,409k
810612_sunshine_531_1430-1515_tom_hardy_friday.mp3 32,354k
1981_06_29_mon_sunshine_531am_2015-2100signoff_siobohnwalls.mp3 New 04/17 gh  
1981_08_02_sun_sunshine_531am_0840-0930_martinking.mp3 New 04/17 gh  
1981_08_02_sun_sunshine_531am_0948-1035_martinking_davidlyons.mp3 New 04/17 gh  
1981_08_02_sun_sunshine_531am_1148-1226_davidlyons_robbiedale.mp3 New 04/17 gh  
1981_08_02_sun_sunshine_531am_1424-1509_robbiedale_tomhardy.mp3 New 04/17 gh  
1981_08_02_sun_sunshine_531am_1515-1614_tomhardy.mp3 New 04/17 gh  
1981_08_02_sun_sunshine_531am_1617-1645_tomhardy.mp3 New 04/17 gh  
1981_08_03_mon_sunshine_531am_1220-1358_cathycregan.mp3 New 04/17 gh  
1981_08_20_sunshine_539_2047_sign_off.mp3 6,230k
1981_08_28_fri_sunshine_531am_0635-0720_steviedunne_very_noisy_cassette.mp3 New 04/17 gh  
1981_08_28_fri_sunshine_531am_0740-0801_steviedunne.mp3 New 04/17 gh  
1981_08_28_fri_sunshine_531am_1415-1501_tomhardy_very_noisy_cassette.mp3 New 04/17 gh  
1981_09_16_wed_sunshine_531am_0727-0805_davidlyons_very_poor_quality_cassette.mp3 New 04/17 gh  
1981_06_15_mon_sunshine_531am_1305-1440_declanmeehan_tomhardy.mp3 New 04/17 gh  
1981_06_21_sun_sunshine_531am_1809-1850_tonydixon.mp3 New 04/17 gh  
1981_10_27_tue_sunshine_531_0015-0100_steviedunne_istafter_midnight.mp3 NEW 01/13   44,719k
1981_12_13_sun_sunshine_531am_0948-1020_johnlewis-gh.mp3 New Sep 2021   John Lewis with a morning show with the 10am news is read by Siobhan Walls. Recorded from 531kHz near Blackpool with some background foreign interference. 30MB
1981_12_13_sun_sunshine_531am_1315-1348_cathycregan-gh.mp3 New Sep 2021   Sunday afternoon with Cathy Cregan during some bad weather. Recorded from 531kHz near Blackpool with some background interference from foreign stations. 30MB
1981_12_02_wed_sunshine_531am_2035-2203_tonydixon_johnlewis-gh934.mp3 NEW MAR 2021   The last 25 minutes of a Tony Dixon show. At 9pm Seamus Clark reads the news and is followed by John Lewis. Recorded from 531kHz near Blackpool where the evening foreign interference was starting to be a problem and caused some wobbling. There was also some local electrical crackling.  At  10pm near the end of the recording there is an interesting tune away from Sunshine to RTE for a news clip about pirate legislation and then back to Sunshine. 80MB


1982_01_29_fri_sunshine_531am_2120-2250_donallen-gh393.mp3 New Jul 2021 Don Allen hosts a late evening show, with David Orr on news at 10pm. Recorded from 531kHz in Dublin. 82MB
1982_03_10_sunshine_531_0719_don_allan.mp3 37,095 k
1982_03_10_sunshine_531_0814_don_allan.mp3 37,328 k
1982_04_04_sun_sunshine_916fms_1130-1307_martin_king_john_lewis.mp3 New Feb 2016 gh 218,929 k
1982_04_04_sun_sunshine_916fms_1315-1410_john_lewis.mp3 New Feb 2016 gh 131,249 k
1982_04_04_sun_sunshine_916fms_1509-1740_declanmeehan.mp3 New Feb 2016 gh 338,519k
1982_04_04_sun_sunshine_916fms_1814-1940_cathycregan.mp3 New Feb 2016 gh 197,337
1982_04_04_sun_sunshine_916fms_1945-2120_cathycregan_billmclaughlin.mp3 New Feb 2016 gh 224,660k
1982_04_04_sun_sunshine_916fms_2227-2314_billmclaughlin.mp3 New Feb 2016 gh 108,197k
1982_04_04_sun_sunshine_916fms_2335-0025_billmclaughlin_johnlewis.mp3 New Feb 2016 gh 115,618k
1982_04_05_mon_sunshine_916fms_0715-0913_tonyfenton_robbiedale.mp3 New Feb 2016 gh 274,980k
1982_04_05_mon_sunshine_916fms_0923-1024_robbiedale.mp3 New Feb 2016 gh 143,895k
1982_06_21_mon_sunshine_531am_0345-0445_johnlewis_night_owl_prowl-gh863.mp3 New Apr 2021 First of two files of John Lewis on the 'Night Owl Prowl' from a Monday in June 1982 which includes a link up with Hilversum 3. The recording was made near Blackpool beginning at 0345am. The tape deteriorated during the featured live album from Melanie, so the programme was split to the next file.  News is read at 4am by David Orr. 44MB
1982_06_21_mon_sunshine_531am_0452-0552_johnlewis_night_owl_prowl-gh863.mp3 New Apr 2021 The second part of the above John Lewis 'Night Owl Prowl'.  News is read at 5am by David Orr. 54MB
1982_07_09_sunshine_531_0451_johnny_lewis_night_owl_prowl.mp3 31,377 k
1982_08_15_sun_sunshine_531am_1157-1333_johnlewis-gh427.mp3 New Oct 2021 The end of a Sunday morning show from David Lyons and following David Orr reading the news at mid-day, John Lewis takes over. Recorded near Blackpool from 531kHz with some static from lightning. 88MB
1982_08_15_sun_sunshine_531am_1333-1508_johnlewis-gh427.mp3 New Oct 2021 The second part of the above John Lewis show.  David Orr again on 3pm news is followed by the start of Tony King.  Recorded near Blackpool from 531kHz with some static from lightning. 88MB
1982_10_18_mon_sunshine_531am_1139-1213_robbiedale_davidlyons-gh806.mp3 New Apr 2021 The end of a Robbie Dale morning show, with David Malone on news at mid-day, following by David Lyons. Recorded in Dublin from 531kHz. 32MB
1982_12_01_wed_sunshine_531am_1849-1935_tomhardy-gh.mp3 New Jul 2021 Tom Hardy with a rather wobbly early evening show as it was recorded near Blackpool from 531kHz. 40MB




1984_04_26_thu_sunshine_531am_0642-0817_davidlyons_during_jamming_gh.mp3 (gh) 88,638k
1984_04_26_thu_sunshine_531am_0817-0949_davidlyons_robbiedale_during_jamming_gh.mp3 (gh) 89,752k
1984_04_26_thu_sunshine_531am_0949-1124_robbiedale_during_jamming_gh.mp3 (gh) 89,860k
1984_04_26_thu_sunshine_531am_1124-1230_robbiedale_during_jamming_gh.mp3 (gh) 71,030k
1984_04_26_thu_sunshine_531am_robbiedale_jamming_recorded_in_dublin_gh.mp3 (gh) 26,416k
1984_05_08_tue_sunshine_1005fm_0630-0845_davidlyons_cathycregan.mp3 New Feb 2016 gh 314,807k
1984_11_03_sat_sunshine_1005fms_0741-0845_kieranryan-gh535.mp3 New Aug 2021 A Saturday morning breakfast show from Kieran Ryan. 8am news is read by Gary Miley. Recorded in Dublin from 100.5MHz in stereo. 133MB
1984_10_31_wed_sunshine_1005fms_0654-0837_cathycregan_rogerlane-gh520.mp3 New Oct 2021 Midweek Halloween breakfast show with Cathy Cregan and Roger Lane. News at 7am is read by Bob Powell, who has presumably just finished his overnight shift, in the days when stations operated live throughout the night, and then at 8am by Steven Fogherty.  Recorded in Dublin from 100.5MHz in stereo. 232MB


News report recorded in Scotland from April 1984 about Sunshine Radio being jammed by the government station, RTE. The jamming on the MW signal is clear to hear on this recording


1985_09_11_wed_sunshine_1015fms_0841-0927_patcourtenay-gh685.mp3 New Feb 2021 Breakfast show with Pat Courtenay and Cathy Cregan on news. Recorded during good FM conditions near Blackpool from 101.5MHz in stereo.  There are some fades in the reception, and the problem we had in those days of the police and other utilities using the top half of the FM band above 100MHz in the UK. 86MB
1985_09_11_wed_sunshine_1015fms_0928-1015_patcourtenay_robbiedale-gh685.mp3 New Feb 2021 Continuation of the above recording with the end of Pat Courtney. News again  with Cathy Crgean at 10am, and then the start of Robbie Dale's mid morning show. 86MB


1986_07_04_fri_sunshine_531am_1701-1836_patcourtenay-gh1063.mp3 New Feb 2021 A drivetime show with Pat Courtenay with some funnies for 4th July. Cathy Cregan is on news at 6pm.   Recorded near Blackpool from 531kHz. 86MB
860826_sunshine_531_tue26aug86_1550-1725.mp3 (gh) 86,736k
860826_sunshine_531_tue26aug86_1725-1900.mp3 (gh) 93,293k
860826_sunshine_531_tue26aug86_1900-2020.mp3 (gh) 76,363k


1987_02_24_tue_sunshine101_1005fm_1816-2021_markbyrne_stevekelly-gh672.mp3 New Feb 2021 Six hours of evening programmes split into three, two hour files. Starting just after 6pm, Mark Byrne is followed by Steve Kelly. Recorded in Dublin from 100.5MHz, but in mono. 170MB
1987_02_24_tue_sunshine101_1005fm_2021-2223_stevekelly_daviddennehy-gh672.mp3 New Feb 2021 Part 2 of the above recording with Steve Kelly and then David Dennehy. 166MB
1987_02_24_tue_sunshine101_1005fm_2223-0041_daviddennehy-gh672.mp3 New Feb 2021 The final part of the above recording with David Dennehy. 190MB
1987_02_25_sunshine_101_5_wed_2210-2345_(a-671_gh).mp3 New Feb 2016 Another six hours of continuous programming split into four 90 minute files, this time featuring the overnight and early morning schedule.  Recorded from 101.5MHz in Dublin, but again in mono. 86,796k
1987_02_25_sunshine_101_5_wed_2345-0120_(b-671_gh).mp3 New Feb 2016 Part two of the above recording.
1987_02_26_sunshine_101_5_thu_0120-0255_(c-671_gh).mp3 New Feb 2016 Part three of the above recording.
1987_02_26_sunshine_101_5_thu_0255-0430_(d-671_gh).mp3 New Feb 2016 The final part of the above overnight recording finishes at around 4:30am
1987_04_19_sun_sunshine_531am_0757-1018_bebopgold_nailsmahoney_10000_giveaway-gh.mp3 New 04/17  
1987_04_19_sun_sunshine_531am_1118-1419_bebopgold_nailsmahoney_10000_giveaway-gh.mp3 New 04/17  


1988_04_27_wed_sunshine_531am_0703-1125_nailsmahoney_dustyrhodes-gh.mp3 New 04/17 gh    
880706_sunshine_531_1830-1850_rec_had_stopped_reel_10_kb.mp3   16,863K
1988_12_18_sun_sunshine_531am_0857-1103_nailsmahoney_bebopgold-gh780.mp3 UPDATED 12/20 117M
1988_12_18_sun_sunshine_531am_1103-1316_nailsmahoney_bebopgold-gh780.mp3 UPDATED 12/20 125M
1988_12_18_sun_sunshine_531am_1316-1520_nailsmahoney_bebopgold-gh780.mp3 UPDATED 12/20 117M
881225_sun_sunshine_531_1040-1250_nailsmahoney_the_final_bebop_gold.mp3 127,576k
881225_sun_sunshine_531_1300-1505_nailsmahoney_the_final_bebop_gold.mp3 117,745k
881228_wed_sunshine_531_markbyrne_bad_foreign_interference_poor.mp3 52,807
1988_12_30_fri_sunshine_1011fm_0558-0732_nailsmahoney_justinmckenna_final_breakfast_show-gh785.mp3 New Jan 2021 The final Nails Mahoney Breakfast Show with Justin McKenna. Recorded from FM, but in Co Monaghan, so in mono and with some noise. 87M
1988_12_30_fri_sunshine_1011fm_0734-0821_nailsmahoney_justinmckenna_final_breakfast_show-gh785.mp3 New Jan 2021 Continuation of the breakfast show, again as received in Co Monaghan. 44M
1988_12_30_fri_sunshine_1011fm_0821-0907_nailsmahoney_justinmckenna_final_breakfast_show-gh785.mp3 New Jan 2021 Last part of the final breakfast show and into the 'last' programme which lasted until final closedown at 6pm. Recorded in Co Monaghan. 43M
1988_12_30_fri_sunshine_531am_0845-1245_last_day.mp3 End of the final breakfast show and into Sunshine's final programme which features history from each of its previous 8 years. As received on 531kHz near Blackpool. 249,670k
Sunshine 101 Dublin 30-12-88 Final Programme From 0900 - 1200.mp3 (Courtesy of Rodney) 169,347k
Sunshine 101 Dublin 30-12-88 Final Programme From 1200 - 1500.mp3 (Courtesy of Rodney) 166,492k
Sunshine 101 Dublin 30-12-88 Final Programme From 1500 - 1805.mp3 (Courtesy of Rodney) 235,270k
Sunshine 101 Dublin 30-12-88 Station Closedown From 4.39pm to 6.05pm.mp3 (Courtesy of Rodney) 141,099k
Sunshine 101 Dublin Station History Files 1980 - 1988.mp3 (Courtesy of Rodney) 60,375k



Sunshine 101 Dublin 30-12-88 Final Programme From 0900 - 1200.mp3 165,378k
Sunshine 101 Dublin 30-12-88 Final Programme From 1200 - 1500.mp3 162,590k
Sunshine 101 Dublin 30-12-88 Final Programme From 1500 - 1805.mp3 229,756k
Sunshine 101 Dublin 30-12-88 Station Closedown From 4.39pm to 6.05pm.mp3 137,793k




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